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About how to study and prepare the exam, I don’t want to speak much. One word, use your heart and focus all your energy on it. Here I would like to say something about how to handle the test paper in the examination room. Since many friends really learned well but didn’t perform well during the test, which led to great pity.

I began to attend the financial qualification exams when I was 30 years old and I had to work at the same time, so no much time for me to prepare the exam. Furthermore, I haven’t learned accounting before and my major is law. Luckily I passed all the tests of cpa&cta one time. I was sure I didn’t learn well but I did perform well in the examination room.

1) Prepare suitable tools. Before entering into the examination room, you must check them carefully and confirm you can use them smoothly. Such as pencil, there is one kind of pencil especially designed for color ABCD. This pencil enables you to color the answer sheet more quickly than normal pencil.

2) After getting test paper, look at all problems swiftly before you begin to answer. The aim is to confirm the question-type and score-distribution. Even we have answered many practice tests, but original test always has some adjustment. Why must we confirm the question-type and score-distribution? We need to distribute the limited and precious time efficiently and reasonably.

3) When you face difficult problems, if it is a choice question, just leave there temporarily and guess the answer just before handing in the paper. If it is a calculating question, just give up firmly. If it is a problem you need to answer by words, you should write something which perhaps has a little connection with the right answer. Then you may get a little score.

4) Some single-choice questions may need complicated calculation, if you are not good at them and can’t calculate rapidly, just give up temporarily. And later if you have enough time to handle them (I mean, when you finish all other easy questions), then do it. If no time, just guess the answer.

5) The comprehensive question (here it contains calculating question) always contains several small questions, or has many steps. Generally speaking, some of them are easy, so you must distribute time for them. Some candidates tell they had no time to do some comprehensive question and left it completely empty. I always spent little time on the easy parts of some difficult calculating questions, and I was sure I could get one or 2 scores.

6) I think the choice questions are easy to get scores and so you must try to be careful enough to get more scores from them. About subjective questions, if no calculation, you must write something on the paper, and you’d better answer by a list, such as 1),2),3)。I am extremely afraid of complicated calculation, such as evaluation of a project by calculating the cash flow. During former practice I know how to calculate, but I easily make little mistakes here and there and the final answer is always wrong. But this didn’t prevent me from passing the test, because I gave up resolutely when facing them.

7) About the time-distribution, it is the most important thing during the examination. So I want to describe my basic rule. Firstly answer the questions you think you can get score easily and don’t waste time on those from which you hardly get scores. During daily practice, you have to develop the ability about how to confirm from which question you can get score. Through deliberate practice you will have the feeling when reading a question.

8) Don’t expect to answer all questions. Actually speaking, qualification examination is not a competitive test and you needn’t become number one. About several subjects, I didn’t finish all problems and passed the test smoothly. So during the test, you needn’t hurry too much. I usually drink a little juice after finishing some questions. It enables to keep calm and avoid stupid mistakes. Some candidates tell they write the right answer in the wrong position! This kind of mistake will ruin all your efforts.

9) If have to attend the next test several hours later, don’t discuss with other candidates about the closing test when you get out of the examination room. This discussion will affect your emotion greatly and exert bad influence to your next test. I find many candidates have this bad habit. They just can’t wait for one minute to know if they do well in the closing test. There is a word called sunk cost. We should forget the closing test just after handing in the paper.

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